Trip July 27th - August 8th, 2004
Week2 - August 1 - August 7

The Dinosaur class


Dinosaurs Summary

Starting Point: Fruita

Departure Date: 08/02/04

Destination: End of Trip (GJT)

Arrival Date: 08/06/04

Total Driving Distance: 470 miles

Total Driving Time: 10 hours


Drive from Fruita to Moab

Driving Distance: 101 miles
Driving Time: 1 hour, 55 minutes
Arrival Date: 08/02/04

Sunday Aug 1: check into Super 8 Motel, group orientation, and perhaps supper together?

Monday, Aug 2- Fruita area sites, travel to Moab, Utah

  • Monday - August 2, 2004
    • Stop 1: Colorado National Monument - Overview of regional geology with Bill and Sandy Hood
    • Stop 2: Museum of Western Colorado - Exhibits on Dinosaurs of Plateau, good collection of local dinosaur material!!!!!, view preparation lab with John Foster and Museum staff
    • Stop 3: Rabbit Valley - Dinosaurs from the Late Jurassic Morrison Formation - Active Quarry of Museum of Western Colorado - John Foster
    • Drive to Moab, Indian Petroglyphs along Colorado River Canyon - view geology along route
    • Stop 4: Theropod and Sauropod Tracks near La Sal Mts: - Middle Jurassic - Entrada Sandstone (Moab Tongue Member)
    • GW Hotel in Moab. Free to explore  town


Drive from Moab to Price

Driving Distance: 116 miles
Driving Time: 2 hours, 30 minutes
Arrival Date: 08/03/04

Tuesday, Aug 3- Moab area sites, travel to Price Utah

  • Tuesday - August 3, 2004
    • Stop 1: View good petroglyphs just north of Moab on way out of town.
    • Stop 2: Tour of Arches National Monument
    • Stop 3: Mill Canyon Dinosaur Trail: Salt Wash Member of the Morrison (lower Morrison) - examine dinosaur bones (sauropod, theropod) and geology.
    • Stop 4: Morrison Formation - Salt Wash Member (lower Morrison) Sauropod and Theropod Tracksite
    • Geology along San Rafael Swell
    • View Jurassic and Cretaceous at Rest Area Sites from I-70 to Moore, Utah (Lunch Stop Near Middle of Swell at last rest area)
    • Stop 6: Ferron Sandstone Member of Mancos (deltaic clastics from west) talk about the Late Cretaceous Seaway, examine dinosaur tracks and petroglyphs.
    • Stop 6: Tour of Castle Valley Museum

Drive from Price to Vernal (Dinosaur NM)

Driving Distance: 112 miles
Driving Time: 2 hours, 35 minutes
Arrival Date: 08/04/04

Wed, Aug 4- Price area sites, travel to Vernal Utah

Thur, Aug 5- Vernal area, Dinosaur Nat Monument Utah Field House, Drive Through time, etc., remain in Vernal

  • Wednesday - August 4, 2004
    • Stop 1: Visit CEU Prehistoric Museum - excellent collection of Cedar Mountain (lower Cretaceous) dinosaurs, good Morrison Dinosaurs
    • Stop 2:Visit outcrop of the lower Cretaceous Cedar Mountain Formation SE of Price
    • Stop 3: Examine the Mancos Shale (late Cretaceous seaway) and collect marine invertebrates
    • Stop 4: Discuss geology of coals/tracksites at view of mines in Black Hawk Formation, Mesaverde Group - Late Cretaceous
    • Stop 5: Examination of latest Cretaceous North Horn Formation (Hadrosaurs, T. rex's and the last of the dinosaurs)
    • Stop 6 Super 8 Motel, supper, visit Utah Field House of Natural History - Steve Sroka
  • Thursday - August 5, 2004
    • Drive Through The Ages - Geology Tour North of Vernal along US 191
      • Stop 1: Examine Cedar Mountain Formation Strata (lower Cretaceous) and Frontier and Dakota (Late Cretaceous - along and near Steinaker Reservoir and Morrison and Curtis Formations
      • Stop 2: Hike to Tracksites at Redfleet Reservoir - Navajo/Nugget Sandstone - Late Triassic - Lower Jurassic, also examine the Chinle and Moenkopi near where we start hike.
      • Stop 3 Over view of drive at Phosphate mine overlook, return for lunch
    • Stop 4- The Finale - "Holy Ground" of Dinosaur Sites: Dinosaur National Monument - Visit Quarry, examine geology in parts of the monument (Triassic to Cretaceous)
    • Stop 5, Examine Salt Wash Member, (Morrison) Quarry on Chew Ranch Dig Site - BLM site - Utah Field House Project -Steve Sroka.
    • Stop 7 Examine Petroglyphs in Navajo/Nugget Sandstone along road to Josie's Cabin.

Drive from Vernal (Dinosaur NM) to Dinosaur and then to Grand Junction

Driving Distance: 33 miles
Driving Time: 44 minutes
Arrival Date: 08/06/04

Fri, Aug6- Leave Vernal, drive through Dinosaur, CO,




Driving Distance: 107 miles
Driving Time: 2 hours, 20 minutes
Arrival Date: 08/06/04

return to Fruita and Super 8 Motel

  • Friday - August 6, 2004
    • Drive to Fruita
    • Geology along route to Fruita
    • Stop 1: Canyon Pintado (Painted Canyon). Fremont Culture pictographs that are visible on the sandstone face across the road where we will make short stop. Discuss nearby site where carbonized plants, turtles, crocodiles, large and small carnivorous dinosaurs, garfish, duckbill dinosaur bone fragments, and ceratopsian bones occur in the upper Mesaverde Group such as we see in this area.
    • Stop 2: Douglas Pass -Collecting trip to famous Eocene Green River Formation (bonus collecting site)
    • Stop 3: Gaston Design Studeo's: Examine casting process for well done dinosaur bone replicas (may purchase your own)
    • END: Meal and wrapup in Grand Junction at Rock Slide Brew and Pub.

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