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Peru, March 2005

Cuzco, The ancient Royal city of the Incas
Qosqo in Quechua,  the Inca language, means "earth's navel".
Manco Capac (son of the sun) founded the capitol city of the Inca Empire here in the 12th century because,
according to legend, this is where the golden rod finally sunk into the ground.
( a reverse "Sword & Stone" analogy)

cusco cuzco
Cuzco or Cusco .. doesn't seem to matter

inca women llamas
A group of Inca Women gathered for pictures at Saqsayhuaman

Cusco Hotel
Jessica in our hotel in Cusco

llama Peru
Llama ? .. apparently it is a Suri Alpaca

Saqsayhuaman stone wall
An Incan girl selling stuff in the Andes.
An Incan girl selling stuff in the Andes.

Andes near Cusco
The Andes near Cusco

Andean Fields

cusco cuzco
Looking down on Cusco from the train

cusco rainbow
A Rainbow over Cusco


inca wall opening
Inca wall opening in Cusco

inca woman
Incan Woman in traditional garb weaving

llama Peru
A couple of llamas (suri alpacas) in Peru

traffic jam in Andes
traffic jam in Andes :)


Saqsayhuaman Sacsayhuaman
Saqsayhuaman Pronounced "Sexy Woman"

 Although the locals called this a vicuna, it apparently is another alpaca .. not a vicuna.
We were told they were used for wool.

inca chief
Who's been sitting in my seat! Oops! A local dressed in traditional Incan Chief outfit.
I am sitting in the seat that chiefs apparently used.

Jessica with an Incan hat.
Fashion statement?

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