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Peru, March 2005

Posada Amazonas on the River Tambopata in the Amazon Basin

Landing safely in Puerto Maldonado
(Just kidding!)

Entering our boat to go up the Madre Dios & Tambopata River to reach our 'lodge'

giant rivar otter
Giant River Otters (~6 feet long)

A Hoatzin.
The babies are born with claws on their wings to climb back into the nest. About the size of a big chicken.

mushroom peru

Piranha amazon
Catch & Release - Amazon style - Piranha

spider peru
Beautiful spider

sunrise peru jungle
Sunrise from above the canopy

A tarantula in the 'lobby'

red throated caracara
Red-throated Caracara
This bird moves through the trees making an incredible noise at dusk.
They are related to falcons, but a lot clumsier and kinda goofy. About the same size as a Canada Goose.

Puerto Maldonado Airport.
Popular mode of transport is these modified motorbikes.


glasswing butterfly
Glasswing butterfly (Cithaerias)

owl butterfly -  Caligo eurilochus
An owl butterfly (Caligo eurilochus)


Sunrise on the Tambopata River

katydid leaf insect


Red & Green Macaw
Red & Green Macaw

Red & Green Macaws - Parrots
2 Red & Green Macaws directly above us, while we were in a blind

From the tower, looking towards the river. There are 2 Macaws in the treetop (see insert).

Blue Headed Parrots at clay lick
Blue Headed Parrots at clay lick

Bats sleeping on tree in Amazon
Bats sleeping on tree


BIG lizard (about 4 feet)

Entrance to 'lodge'

Monkey Butts

Morning ride up the river

giant river otter
Giant Otter eating fish

blue headed parrot
Blue Headed parrots

Titi Monkey

stick insect
Stick Insect

frog at night
Tree frog

frog at night
A tree frog at night

Grey-Necked Wood Rail
I think these are sleeping Grey-Necked Wood Rails
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