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La Ceiba
After a lovely 2 days in Copan, we darted across the country to the coast and the Rio Cangrejal near the town of La Ceiba.
We had experience driving through Honduras already, so it was not quite as harrowing as before, but it was a long and somewhat hazardous drive.

One example of why you need to expect anything on the road.

I'm not tense!

Honduras is a country that takes its security seriously. You will never be far from a guard carrying a weapon. All gas stations and nearly every other commercial establishment has a guard walking around with a weapon. You kind of get used to it..

We arrived at the Jungle Lodge on the Rio Cangrejal ready to do some canopy zip-lining and white water rafting as well as take in the rainforest ambiance. It was very rustic!

a typical traffic jam.. This is not a one way street!

A waterfall above the Rio Cangrejal

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