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Sydney is a beautiful and very vibrant city. We spent about 3 days in Sydney exploring the city and the areas around it.

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Downtown Sydney Waiting for the Monorail


In the Victoria Building

Flying Foxes in a park in downtown Sydney.
There were thousands of these hanging onto the trees and flying about.

Just a few flying foxes.

The red carpet for the opening of 'Australia'

Since we weren't sure that we would see animals in the wild, we visited a nature park in Sydney and got some time with
some of the unique Australian animals . Koalas are extremely soft.

Koala.. this one was in nature center, but we will be looking for one in the wild.

Lorikeet in the Botanic Gardens in downtown Sydney

Jessica and a frogmouth

Lorikeet flying towards Jessica

I'm not sure what kind of owl this was

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