T&C Night Diving

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Turks & Caicos Diving - December 2009

 Night Diving
It's a bit different underwater at night. Different creatures are out. Some of the ones that were slow and sleepy during the day are actively hunting (this includes reef sharks). Since you bring a light with you, you often get a lot of attention from the billions of creatures that are out looking for something to eat, from the very smallest to the larger ones. Often, larger fish will use your lights to more easily see prey and you will sometime see a flash go past you and a fish in front of you disappear into the mouth of a Jack or Tarpon.

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Moon Jelly. The 'stars' are the many many smaller creatures that are ever present.


A Squid, probably a Caribbean Reef Squid


I have no idea what this long creature above Jessica's hand is. In some pictures it looks like it has a segmented body, so it may be a pelagic tunicate.

This Black Jack made a very quick turn to catch a fish as I was focusing in on him.

Black Jack

Giant Hermit Crab in a Queen Conch shell


This is a fellow photographer's strobes going off.
The chances of me getting a picture of this are exceedingly small.. like one in a million, so it is likely that my strobes fired his.

Southern Sting Ray

Very Large Channel Clinging Crab, also known as Spiny Spider Crab and King Crab.
This one's body was at about 8-9 inches, which is a monster for this species.

Almost back on board

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(all pictures and videos on this trip taken with Canon G9, Ikelite housing, Ikelite DS125 & DS51 strobes and Inon wet lenses.)

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