Bonaire 2013

Moray with cleaner fish Manta Ray feeding next to our dive boat Jessica watching the Manta Ray Blenny
Eric & Jessica Sunset at Captain Don's Blenny Blenny
Christmas Tree Worm Dive pier at Capt'n Don's Bonaire Bonaire-5292473
French Angel Lion Fish Leeking air Christmas Tree Worms
Sharp Nosed Puffer Eel Trumpet Fish Coral
Jacks Frank & Jessica Sergeant Major eggs Blenny
Pedersen Shrimp in Corkscrew Anemone Divers at 1000 Steps Dive Site : Bonaire Sharknose Blenny with some spikes from maybe a fireworm. Lettuce Leaf slug
Balloon Fish Bonaire Iguana in restaurant Bonaire-5271928
Bonaire Manta Ray Bonaire-5292353 Moray Eel
Bonaire Bonaire-5302685 Green Turtle Goby with it's partner shrimp (who digs out and maintains the burrow for both of them).
I found this tiny black frog fish! Fairy Basslet with colorful coral and sponges. Jessica Ciral
Baby Smooth Trunk Fish Older Smooth Trunkfish Juvenile Spotted Drum Blenny