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Franks Poetry Page

Clouds on a Frog Pond 

August 11, 2000
after sitting in awe for a while

The air kisses the lake
As the dragonflies hover in its breath
Beneath the kiss the creatures look up
At the blueness they have always known
Where it isn't wet,
But they don't know that

The lilies spreading their wide leaves to laze on the flatness
Push their roots down through the denizens of the pond
to the firmness of the muck below
To rejoice they proclaim loudly with their flowers
"I know what it is to be everywhere"

From below
The yellowness of their blossom
shouts and holds the blueness in awe
Reaching up with their showy proclamation
They look as high as the sky to those below
A yellow blaze on a bed of blue

Suddenly the light fades as the giver passes over
Blocks out the sun and the blue from their view
The water falls from the sky and dances in joy
When it meets its home after its long visit to the sky

All things rejoice at the weeping clouds

The nature of life is to keep changing
Within the same recurring patterns of
Diurnal and annual harmony with the
Spinning and rocking of the earth

But the fish only see dragonflies right now.

Chaotic concussion of confusion
June 1997
a time of transition

Chaotic concussion of confusion created by the carnage of passion afar
Splinters the soul
Slices the safety
Saddens the joy of morphined living

When that well of mother’s milk has run dry
The child looks anew at the mother’s eye
Moving to needs as they deftly emerge
The child’s inner child
Gives a glance of remorse

She weeps – she needs him
She weeps – I need her
She weeps – he needs her
She weeps

Excerpt from
'The Cycle of  Xihal'
a meager experiment with writing in July 1997

It did not come suddenly to Xihal to question the cycle.
He remembered his feelings as a young boy watching a dragonfly.
It was the first such creature that he had ever seen.
As big as his hand yet looking as light as a leaf.
He remembered the way the sun passed through it transparent wings,
spread out so far in duplicate, like a miracle.
Passed through to light up the large purple flower that the creature had chosen as a perch.
Purple with the most beautiful yellow accents that he had ever seen.
That same light reflected off of the dragonfly’s body
created a profound blue green color that he had never even imagined before.
The combined effect rushed over him with so much force that he could not think clearly.
He reached for the dragonfly with the speed and vigor reserved for young boys
and managed to catch its wing.
With his actions he felt the remorse that would come back to him many more times.
In one moment he had experienced and destroyed the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.