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Diving in Quadra Island, Vancouver Island, Canada

We took the opportunity to try diving in cold water in probably the best cold water diving spot in the world, Quadra Island, just off of Vancouver Island.

It was very different from the Caribbean diving that we had done before. In the Caribbean I wore swim shorts and the scuba gear. In Canada I needed to wear the wetsuit (2 parts), booties, hood, gloves and the extra 35 pounds to compensate for their buoyancy.

The current around Quadra Island is quite intense and I had never experienced drift diving like this.
It was also my first time using my new underwater flash, so I wasn't really expecting to get any good pictures.

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A wall of Strawberry Anemone.

Strawberry Anemone

Coming up from dive


Strong Current

Swimming Scallop & Pale Sea Cucumber

Cauliflower Anemone

Nudibranch ( Hermissenda crassicornis ? )


swimming clam

Hiding fish


Sea Cucumber

Snails & Anemones

Nudibranch with Creeping Sea Cucumber

Sea Urchin

Starfish & Orange Cup Coral

Sun Star

Painted Star

Blood Star


Lined Chitons

Orange Sea Cucumber

Pale & Creeping Pedal Sea Cucumber

Pale Sea Cucumber

Pale Sea Cucumber

Pale Sea Cucumber

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